Teflon Coated "TEF Tees" - Non Printed

# 1070

- Teflon Coated Performance Tees
- Choose 2 3/4" or 3 1/4" Sizes

- Color:  White


- 2 3/4" Pack of 25
- 3 1/4" Pack of 20

TEF TEE, the world's only performance golf tee that utilizes TEFLON technology.

Only TEF TEE™ reduces the frictional forces inhibiting energy transfer from the club to the ball in three ways:

1.) By reducing the surface contact between the ball and the tee by 83%, more than any other tee
2.) By making the leading edge of the tee easier to clear
3.) And most significantly, by reducing the coefficient of friction of the tee's surface by using the proprietary
process to apply TEFLON®

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