Custom Ball Markers

Don't Miss the Mark - Customize Your Golf Markers!

Create custom ball markers for your next event and wow guests, clients, and employees with the perfect branded merchandise. At Par Golf Supply, we bring over 30 years of expertise in crafting customizable golf items, and our custom golf ball markers are no exception. These markers are a perfect blend of functionality and marketing prowess, allowing you to leave a lasting impression on the course.

In a sport where precision matters, every detail counts. That's why our customizable golf ball markers act as a subtle yet effective marketing tool. Cost-effective and with low minimum orders, these markers empower your marketing efforts without breaking the bank.

Got Questions? Need Help With a Design?

Our friendly team can help you create the perfect ball markers for your branding or event. Contact us today or call toll free at (800) 572-4824.

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Why Use Custom Ball Markers

In the past, many people tended to use what was handy as a ball marker. Many times this was a coin from a pocket of change, but if several players each used the same coin to mark where their ball was on the green, it could get confusing especially if the balls were near each other. Ball markers developed to provide variety in marking different players' golf balls, and those have evolved into the ability to offer custom ball markers.

We offer a number of different styles of golf ball markers that can all be customized with a logo, image, monogram, or other design. Rather than keep a ball marker in a pocket, if you wear a baseball cap or visor, we have a hat clip version that is magnetized to keep it on until you need it for marking a ball. Another option that is different and a conversation starter is our metal poker chips with a centerpiece that is a ball marker.


Great For Trade Shows And Conferences: Custom Ball Markers Put Your Logo in Play

Organizations are always looking for things that they can give away with their logo on it at trade shows and other events where the object is both useful as well as small and light weight. Our custom golf ball markers can also provide a nice tie-in with a special message. For example, our poker chip golf ball marker can be used as “a sure bet” to partner with you in the future. From poker chips to divot repair tools to hat clips and more, we offer a range of different custom golf ball markers that hit the mark.

Perfect as participant swag for a local golf tournament or a unique gift for all special event guests, the custom golf ball markers from Par Golf Supply will be a welcome gift that lives on for a long time after the initial event happens. Talk with our team about the different options for your custom golf ball marker today.

As seasoned experts in promotional golf items, we prioritize friendly and personalized service. No automated phone operators here! Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience from order placement to delivery. For added convenience, we offer free ground shipping on all orders exceeding $75 within the contiguous 48 states. It's just another way we aim to make your experience with Par Golf Supply exceptional.

Drive Your Brand Forward with Every Swing!

On most orders we can provide a 5 day production time and offer expedited shipping when needed. Let your brand shine with customized golf ball markers. Begin customization now for a marketing tool that drives your success.

Plastic golf ball marker customized with a logo, dime size

Plastic Golf Ball Markers - Dime Size

These Markers are Made of a Durable Plastic and are very Lightweight. Contains a Stem on the Bottom and Comes in 31 Colors and Color Mixes.

Marker Size: 3/4" Diameter (size of a Dime)

Imprint Size:  5/8" Diameter

Plastic golf ball marker customized with a logo, quarter size

Plastic Golf Ball Markers - Quarter Size

These Markers are Made of a Durable Plastic and are very Lightweight. Contains a Stem on the Bottom and Comes in 31 Colors and Color Mixes.

Marker Size: 15/16" Diameter (size of a Quarter)

Imprint Size:  7/8" Diameter

Aluminum engraved ball marker in red with the text LSF engraved

Aluminum Engraved Ball Marker

Durable Aluminum Ball Marker with an Anodized Finish. Laser Engraved in the USA and no minimum order.

Marker Size: 1" Diameter (Size of a Quarter)

Imprint Size: 7/8" Diameter, or 3 lines of text