Custom Ball Markers, Custom Golf Balls, Custom Golf Tees, and More!

For many of us, marketing is essential. We are always looking for ways to attract new business, and there is seemingly no end to the marketing options that we have available to us. Emails, commercials, and many other options that you may try are all easy to dismiss or ignore, but some things seem to last. When you get customized golfing items from Par Golf Supply you are getting physical items that your current and potential customers can hold in their hands and even use. Anything that sticks around longer with a customer means that you have a higher chance of converting them to your cause. Custom golf balls, golf tees, ball markers, and more make great items for a variety of events. Browse our various brands and styles or talk with our team today to learn more about getting your name and logo on a variety of these items.

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Here's Why You Need Customized Golf Balls to Promote Your Business or Next Event

Custom Bulk Golf Balls for Events

Golf balls are one of those items that seem to always be used in a number of different ways. Custom printed golf balls are great as small giveaways at conferences and other large gatherings, custom bulk golf balls can be used at golf events for all golfers to use during the rounds, and custom golf balls for events such as weddings, anniversaries, store openings, and more are just some of the uses for these unique gifts.

Why Par Golf Supply? We have over 30 years of experience, and we know what features customers want out of their customized products. Not only do we offer low minimums and discounts for bulk orders, our custom printed golf balls are high quality and will stand up to the elements for actual use on the green.

Custom golf balls with different company logos
Custom golf balls with different company logos

Key Benefits: Branded merchandise is a key marketing strategy for many businesses and organizations for building brand awareness, increasing customer loyalty, and even improving employee morale. Custom golf items are a cost-effective product to brand and are exceptionally memorable to those with a love or affiliation with the game.

Custom Golf Markers and Custom Golf Tees

It isn't just the golf balls that can be customized. We also offer many varieties of ball markers and golf tees that can be paired with golf balls with personalized dates, such as weddings or engagements, or can have a business name or phrase. Why use custom ball markers? When playing golf in groups, it is important to have a custom golf marker rather than using a quarter so that everyone knows where your ball should go. Custom ball markers have many uses and make a great promotional item on and off the green. Custom golf tees also are versatile and inexpensive. Golf tees are lightweight, can be customized on the shank or cup, and are available in wood or plastic. They offer many advantages for use in marketing. All of these items are inexpensive but have a lasting impression on the recipients.

From family reunions to corporate gifts, weddings to sponsorships, and many more opportunities, our custom printed golf balls, custom golf tees, custom golf markers, and more provide a physical connection with your recipients while also being something to be displayed as well as used. Contact us today to learn more about all of the options available for your situation.

Quick Turnaround Time with Rush Service Available

On most orders we can provide a 5 day production time and offer expedited shipping when needed. We don't cut corners on quality and keep minimums low so you can get the custom golf items you need when you need them, without the hassle or high cost.