Custom Golf Ball Markers

Custom Golf Ball Markers

We have many Golf Ball Markers to choose from. 
Plastic Ball Markers are printed with your logo in up to 2 colors. We have standard "Dime Size" ball markers, and larger "Quarter Size" ball markers. They can also be purchased with no imprint.

The Aluminum Ball Markers are Laser Engraved, and come in 5 Colors. 
Poker Chip Ball Markers come in 15 different colors, and can be used for Golf or other Advertising.
We also have Trade Show Display Bowls filled with imprinted ball markers.  These make great handouts at trade shows or for display.

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Custom Golf Markers Personalized to Your Style

variety of custom golf markers and ball markersIn the world of golf, even the smallest details can make a big difference. Custom golf markers may be small, but their impact on your game is anything but minor. When you step onto the green, your every move reflects your golfing persona. Why not make every detail count, right down to your ball marker? Our custom ball markers allow you to put a distinctive touch on your game, showcasing your individuality with every putt.

At Par Golf Supply, Inc., we understand that personalization is the key to enhancing your game, and our high-quality custom ball markers are designed to add a unique twist to your golfing style. From promotional ball markers to custom golf markers for special events like golf tournaments, we’re here to help you make your game memorable. Contact us today to learn more about our custom golf markers for you or your business!

Custom Ball Markers

Our custom golf markers offer you the opportunity to carry your identity onto the green, adding an extra layer of significance to each stroke. Whether you’re aiming for a birdie, an eagle, or simply honing your skills, our custom ball markers ensure that your golfing experience is uniquely yours. Our custom golf markers provide you with an array of customization possibilities, such as:

  • Plastic Ball Markers - Our plastic custom ball markers can be printed with your logo in up to 2 colors, ensuring your brand or design stands out.
  • Aluminum Ball Markers - We offer aluminum ball markers that are laser engraved for a sleek and durable finish.
  • Poker Chip Golf Markers - For a unique touch, our poker chip golf markers come in 15 vibrant colors and can double as advertising tools beyond the golf course.
  • Display Bowls - Our trade show display bowls are filled with imprinted ball markers that can help increase brand awareness and make a lasting impression at events.

Elevate Your Golf Game with Custom Golf Markers

We take pride in offering a diverse array of high-quality custom ball markers to suit your preferences. Choose from standard "dime size" markers or larger "quarter size" markers to meet your needs. We also offer the flexibility to purchase markers with no imprint, allowing you the freedom to customize as you see fit.

At Par Golf Supply, Inc., we are your trusted partner for custom golf markers. Our unwavering commitment to excellent customer service and prompt delivery across the US makes us the preferred choice for custom golf markers in the US. Whether you’re seeking personalized markers for your individual game or embarking on a large-scale project for your business, we have the capacity to meet your needs.