Past Orders & Customer Login

Due to the age of our last website, we were unable to transfer order information to the new site.

Sorry about that, we just got a brand new website (after having the same old website since 1996!)
With that, many things have changed. Unfortunately any login information from the old site would not be valid on the new site.

Unfortunately you would have to create a new account with this site.
Our apologies for the inconvenience, but this will be a much better system in the long run!

We'd be happy to help you with past order information and orders plus old logos on file by calling us at 800-572–4824

We do thank you for your past business, we really appreciate it!

Customers who open an account enjoy a range of benefits, including:

· Create customer account — Visitors can create a new customer account so that they can use the storefront as a registered customer.

· Faster checkout — Registered customers move through checkout faster because much of the information is already in their accounts.

· Self service — Registered customers can update their information, check the status of orders, and even reorder from their accounts.

Customers can access their account by clicking the My Account link in the header of the store.
From their account, customers can view and modify information, including past and current addresses, billing and shipping preferences,
newsletter subscriptions, wish list and more