Sending Artwork to

Send your Logo to [email protected]

- Please include your Order # in the Subject Line

Artwork that w
e can accept:

1.)  Vector files created in Illustrator, InDesign and CorelDraw. 
2.)  High resolution Raster Files created in Photoshop.


High Resolution is made for printing things like brochures, banners, t-shirts, golf tees & golf balls
Low resolution is made for more for websites, signatures and emails.

We request that you submit artwork that has been created at 600 dpi and no
than 2 ½ x 2 ½" for most of our products. These files are typically saved as: JPGs, TIFs and PSDs. Please donot send PNGs or GIFs or files that are very small.
The smaller the file, the lower the resolution will be.

Raster files are made up of dots. We refer to this as the resolution of the file. We ask for a high resolution file being sent for printing. 
The higher the number of dots the cleaner the image.

Vector files are made up of shapes and lines. There is no resolution to worry about with these files which is why it is the best to send if you have it available to you. 

Vector Artwork:

The nice thing about vector artwork is that we can make the image larger or smaller, and it will not affect the clarity of the image. 
These files are saved as JPGs, TIFs and PSDs.

Please do not send logos saved into a Word Doc or PowerPoint as art. We can use that file for general layout or ideas, but cannot use it as artwork.
Please send art files separately and note what typestyle is being used. 

If your logo has shading or gradients, it may be necessary to remove these areas or fill them in with a solid color.
This will depend on the product you order and your customer service representative will be able to help you with that.

Imprint Colors:

Pantone colors are swatches of inks that we match to print. They are very similar to the paint chips you would find if you go to the hardware store to buy paint to put on your walls.
Each color has a code, and we can mix just about all the colors out there. If your logo has specific colors you need it to be printed in, then we will need the PMS or Pantone
Matching System code that corresponds with that color. 

We offer a variety of standard imprint colors at no charge. Not every color will work on every color product, so if you have any questions, check the website or call for assistance.
Our standard colors are:

Standard Imprint Colors

If you would like or need us to match the colors in your logo, please provide the codes for the colors. There may be a charge to color match depending on the product and quantity.
If you do not know your Pantone color code, we can match it here to the best of our abilities.

Imprint Areas:

Each item has its own unique imprint area. You can see the imprint area descriptions on each items page. Each imprint area is created to be the maximum imprint area allowed.
We cannot print larger than the stated imprint area as it would run off the item or distort the images on the item.
You can request the imprint be smaller if you feel your logo would fit better that way, just let us know.

Uploading Images:

You will be able to upload your logo during the order process within the Product Order Form.

OR Send your Logo to [email protected]

Please include your Order # in the Subject Line

Arwork Proofs:

If you would like to see what your logo or imprint will look like before production begins, you can ask for an Artwork Proof. 
This will show you an example of how your logo will be sized & placed on a product.  You can also double check spelling and get an idea of what a particular color will look like. 
The first proof is free and is sent via email.
  Each additional proof requested will incur a $5 charge. 

We do not match colors off of the proofs.  We use the Pantone color book to mix our standard colors and any custom colors needed. 
Please note that if you are checking color on an emailed proof, the color may be off due to monitor calibrations.  Printers will also have variation to their print outs as well.

Pre-Production samples are available for those who need a physical sample before a run.  There is a $75.00 charge per item and production time is our standard 5 working days. 
This charge does cover Overnight shipping of your sample item.

Typestyles - (Fonts) offers a variety of typestyles for text on your products. We can print just about any typestyle, but we cannot carry every font available.
If you have a particular font in your file, please make sure that the text is outlines, or converted to curves, depending on the program you are working with.

Some of our available fonts:


Please keep in mind that not every font will work, especially on the small products we offer.
Example:  After reducing the logo to fit on a particular product:

If the text is too thin or has fine details - These areas could get lost in the transition from computer to product.
If the text is too thick - Lettering can close up and then the text is difficult to read.