Logo Golf Tees

If you have heard of logo golf balls, then you will understand the power of promotional logo golf tee sets. Just like logo golf balls, these sets provide a unique opportunity to market your brand and showcase professionalism on the golf course.

Logo golf tees serve as effective promotional items that not only enhance your golfing experience, but also leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues.

What Are They?

Logo Golf TeesWhat exactly are promotional logo golf tee sets? They are customized golf tee sets that can be personalized with your logo or branding. At Par Golf Supply, we offer a vast selection of custom golf tees and wholesale golf tees. You can order blank golf tees in bulk or customize them with your logo, ensuring that every tee represents your brand with style.

Why Logo Golf Tee Sets?

One of the key advantages of promotional logo golf tee sets is their versatility in customization. You can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and print options to tailor the tees to your brand's identity. Whether you prefer wood tees, eco-friendly tree saver tees, performance tees, or plastic wedge advertising tees, we have options to suit your needs.

Sizes & Customizations Available

Our tee sets come in standard sizes of 2 3/4" and 3 1/4", offering flexibility for different golfing preferences. You can opt for imprinted tees or non-imprinted tees, depending on your promotional goals. The customization does not stop there–you can select from 32 vibrant colors and color mixes for both blank and personalized wood tees!

Efficient Production & Delivery

What sets our promotional logo golf tee sets apart is our commitment to quality and efficiency. With a printed turnaround time of just 5 working days, you can get your personalized tees ready for any event or marketing campaign. Even our non-printed tees are shipped immediately, ensuring prompt delivery and customer satisfaction.

Whether you need tree saver tees, wedge tees, wooden tees, or a mix of options, At Par Golf Supply we pride ourselves on being the best choice for promotional logo golf tee sets including tree saver tees, wedge tees, wooden tees, and more.

Elevate your brand presence on the golf course and beyond with our premium-quality tee sets. Order now and make a lasting impact with every swing!