Imprinted Golf Items and Tees

Whether you own a golf pro shop, want to provide special gifts for different occasions, or you want to help identify your personal golf items on the course, having imprinted golf items fills this need. At Par Golf Supply, we have a wide range of golf-related items that are perfect for adding your logo, date, initials, or other significant image. It might be a golf towel that helps keep your clubs clean, or it might be custom golf balls that have a significant date such as a wedding, or even custom imprinted golf tees for an event you are putting on. Whatever you are looking for golf related, our team can help make it happen. Contact us now to get started with your special imprinted golf items.

Top Golf Item Gifts for Events

Imprinted Golf Items & TeesIf you are running a golf tournament or charity event, then you will likely have imprinted golf items that are for the players or others. There are several items that make great accessories that can be used the day of the event and provide a reminder of the event in the future. One of the most common golf gifts is a golf towel which can be imprinted with the name of the tournament, and can include a grommet and hook as well if desired.

Custom printed golf tees are another item that can be utilized at the event and can become a keepsake for those who enjoy collecting from the events they participate in. If you request players glove sizes before the event, you can order custom logo golfing gloves that players can wear during the event. These are important to prevent rubbing and chaffing as players use their clubs. These and other items make great golf gifts for events.

Weddings Are Perfect for Custom Imprinted Golf Items

Weddings are very personal events that should reflect the joining of two personalities and highlight the things that they share. Attendees are always honored to be presented with special wedding favors and golf provides numerous opportunities to give special imprinted items. From wedge golf tees to special monogrammed golf balls to divot tools, poker chips, and more. These make great gifts for the wedding party as well, especially when presented to them on the golf course.

Reunions, weddings, corporate gifts, events and sponsorships, and other situations can provide unlimited opportunities to provide imprinted golf items that are fun to use and nice to display. At Par Golf Supply we work with all size orders from individual needs to large events with hundreds of participants. Contact us today to learn more about all of the options available for your situation.